About Bunka Gallery

A place where people can meet and interact through photography

The “Photo Town” Higashikawa Bunka Gallery opened in 1989, playing a central role in the dissemination of photography culture.

Ever since Higashikawa declared itself as the “Town of Photography” in 1985, the Gallery has acted as the base for the annual “Higashikawa International Photo Festival”. It has since developed as a venue for holding attractive exhibits that encourage the development of arts and culture, as well as to present local cultural activities.

In 2021, after undergoing extensive renovations, we have established a new studio to exhibit the culturally significant Higashikawa Awards Collection, as well as to hold photo shoots, exhibitions, and panel sessions. We have also established a lounge where one is free to relax on our locally produced Higashikawa furniture. While the history of this facility remains engraved in the exterior of the building, the interior has taken steps towards creating an improved experience for visitors and being able to accommodate a wide variety of exhibitions.

As you encounter our wonderful works of art, please take some time to enjoy the view from the lounge as it changes colors through the seasons.